From Employee to Business Owner: Lela Nicole’s Zynful Beauty Products are Becoming Wildly Popular

By JR Valrey, The People’s Minister of Information 

The silver lining in the world being shut down because of the Covid pandemic for the last two years, was that working people had more time on their hands than usual; most either were allowed to work from home or laid off. In this time, people had to figure out how to make ends meet; some built businesses, while others depended on crime, welfare, unemployment, PPP loans, or some other form of government assistance. 

Lela Nicole took the industrious route, and allowed her severance pay from her job, to push her into gaining new skills and creating her new line of beauty products, which she now calls Zynful Beauty. I recently caught up with Lela Nicole in Los Angeles at a toy drive, at Chuco’s Justice Center in South Central, where she was introducing southern California to her products. 

In 2022, don’t walk around dehydrated and ashy when your skin can glow, Lela Nicole and Zynful Beauty have the minerals and nutrients that your skin and hair needs. Check out Lela Nicole, as she tells us about her products, and her triumphant journey from an employee to a business owner during the pandemic.

JR Valrey: What inspired you to create Zynful Beauty? When?

 Lela Nicole: Zynful Beauty was started during the pandemic. We wanted to create a quality beauty product line at a reasonable price. With the economy suffering and many on fixed incomes, we wanted to show that you don’t have to pay too much for quality products. 

JR Valrey: What do you offer? 

Lela Nicole: At Zynful Beauty, we offer balms (body and lips), mist and serums (facial and beard).

JR Valrey: How has the pandemic affected you as a small business owner?

Lela Nicole: We started our business in the 4th quarter of last year, during the pandemic, so this year is really our first year of seeing sales, and I am glad to say they are growing daily.

JR Valrey: What does the name mean?

Lela Nicole: Zyn derives from the word “Zen” a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment through a state of calmness, “Zen”, through meditation.Because we use calming essential oils like lavender and rosemary, the word Zynful was created. We want our customers to feel calm, and to relax after using our products.

JR Valrey: Why do people need beard conditioners?

Lele Nicole: Beard serums are good to moisturize your beard, and your skin under your beard.  Also, your beard hair will be soft and healthy, and serums can also be applied in correcting dry skin.

JR Valrey: How are your products distributed?

Lela Nicole: We distribute our own products, and all our products are handmade, with premium vegan and cruelty free body butters, base oils, and essential oils.

JR Valrey: How do you want people to feel after using your products?

Lela Nicole: I want people to feel satisfied that they purchased quality products at a reasonable price. That is why everything on our product price list will always be under $40.00.

JR Valrey: Where can people get your products from online?

Lela Nicole: They can find my products online on Etsy the website is : You can also follow us on IG and Facebook at Zynful Beauty Products. You can become a subscriber, just click the link in our IG profile. All our subscribers will receive 15% off all purchases, new product updates, and promotions before the general public.

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