“The Voice of the Streets Podcast” Documents Cali Hip Hop History


By JR Valrey, The Minister of Information

Podcasting is the new trend in media that everybody is utilizing for info, and participating in, to get their voices heard. Long gone is the century long reign of corporate media bosses, who were the gate-keepers for the distribution of information and opinions, a new era made apparent by so-called “foundational media” crumbling before our very eyes locally, with the demise of the Oakland Tribune, the Eastbay Express, and the partial demise of the San Francisco Examiner, in the last two decades.

Last generations’ content providers have been spewing the argument, for years, that the explosion of podcasting is ushering in an era of subjectivity being passed off as news, but as history has taught: white supremacy, colonial aggression, and capitalist ambition have always influenced the way stories have been told in the media, since its birth in the United States. The first newspapers in the nation mainly recorded land sales/thefts by white settlers, and the hunting of runaway slaves. Mainstream media’s message had not changed significantly, until the rise of the internet, where information in a lot of ways has been democratized.

The corporate media bosses are no longer the filters in which information has to travel to be validated. In this current information age, even in Hip Hop, fans are not dependent on what the Source Magazine feels about a particular artist or what Vibe Magazine thinks about a particular piece of art. We now have average people with the knowledge about a particular subject, relating what they know through their podcasts, and the information is getting straight to the viewers in seconds, utilizing social media. 

Jacques “Jah” Field’s “Voice of the Streets” podcast is a weapon being used on behalf of the people, in this information revolution. Instead of our community having to literally watch history, like we used to, we have now become a part of documenting it and distributing it. “Voice of the Streets” over the last few years has been heavily involved in exploring the history of local HipHop alongside its practitioners; but as the new year approaches they are looking to expand into a wider array of subjects, so check out Jacques aka “Jah” Fields as he puts us up on what the “Voice of the Streets Podcast” has been up. 

JR Valrey: Can you tell me a little bit about the history of the “Voice of the Streets Podcast”? And where did you get the name? 

Jacques “Jah” Fields: To give you a little bit of history on “Voice Of The Streets Podcast”, “Voice of the Streets” started off as just a phone sit down interview with my guests, growing to studios, to having studio interviews at the Grill and Sound Wave Studios; another was in East Oakland’s Arthus studio now. We kept interviewing guests such as Jstalin, the Mekanix’s, Mista Fab, Nef the Pharaoh, RickRock, La Russell and many more. We have been established since 2018 on audio platforms, such as Apple Podcast (4.9 star ratings,) , iheartradio, and more. The visual came in 2019. 

JR Valrey: What’s the purpose of the podcast? 

Jacques “Jah” Fields: The purpose of the podcast is to support and provide people with a safe and healthy space to voice their opinions, creative ideas, projects and goals, as it pertains to music, culture, entertainment, and our community. This podcast focuses on adding value to the industry, and community through support, team work, collaboration, cross promotion, learning, spreading knowledge and awareness. 

JR Valrey: How do you pick your guests? Who were some of your favorite past guests? Why? 

Jacques Jah Fields: Our guests are chosen in many different ways, sometimes within our network/connections, or by projects we have heard about or are interested in learning more about, or by the interviewee prospect reaching out themselves because of their interest in us. Our favorite past guests include Rick Rock Beats, Nef the Pharaoh, La Russel, Mistah Fab. Rick Rock Beats had some really cool stories, Nef showed a lot of personality, La Russel gives back to the music community, and Fab is a Bay legend who is well respected

JR Valrey: Who does the Voice of the Streets Podcast team consist of? What does each team member bring to the table?

Jacques “Jah” Fields: Team: 

Jah, Founder and CEO and Podcast Host

Amanda Alicia from Influence Talent Management, Manager

Mani, Videographer and Editor

Tori, Ross Media Management, Social Media Manager and Podcast Host

Yasmine De Leon, Influencer, Podcast Host

Honorable Mention: Steve, CEO of Fame Media, LLC and Studio Owner

JR Valrey: What do you want people to get from your podcast, after watching it?

Jacques “Jah” Fields: We hope the podcasts sparks interest, thought, ideas as well as teaches the viewer something new, and ultimately establishes long term viewers.

JR Valrey: How difficult was it to get on all of the podcasts platforms? How did you learn to navigate that world?

Jacques “Jah” Fields: It wasn’t extremely difficult. For us, the challenges we face includes getting our name and brand out there, because we are still new to podcasting, building authentic engagement, retaining viewers, as well as increasing our demographics, and monetizing. 

JR Valrey: Where do you plan to take the Voice of the Street Podcast in 2022? 

Jacques “Jah” Fields: We are hoping to build consistency, add-in new segments around fitness, food and relationships, as well as launch a podcast class/workshop for our viewers interested in starting their own brand and business. Remember we are all about support!

JR Valrey: How can people see episodes? How can people stay online with you? 

Jacques “Jah” Fields: People can view episodes on our YouTube channel and full interviews 


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