Teakakez Comedy Makes a Home at the Moxy in Downtown Oakland

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by JR Valrey, The Minister of Information

A smile is worth more than gold in these pandemic times, where the media tries to convince us that we are surrounded by mayhem and death. Part of our mental health regimen should consist of making time to laugh and being light-hearted, and that is where Teakakez Comedy comes in. 

The company was born in the rough streets of West Oakland, from there the Teakakez Comedy co-founders Dj Stokes and Pamela Taylor found a recipe for success with their comedy shows. Recently they have been doing pop-up, Town Tuesday comedy shows at the Moxy in downtown Oakland. The next one is on January 4th, tap in or get left out. Check out Pamela Taylor in her own words. 

JR Valrey: When and how did Teakakez Comedy start?

Pamela Taylor: Teakakez Comedy was created when me and my partner Deejay Stokes decided we wanted to showcase the rich comedy talent we have here in the Bay Area. Our very first showcase in collaboration with Dreem Agency and DJ Nocturnal was “Laugh and Hip Hop Oakland” at McClymonds High School in August 2019 where we had over 400 plus in attendance. After the  success of “Laugh and Hip Hop Oakland” we decided to keep going. Deejay is a comedian and I am the promoter, so together we wanted to highlight what great talent we have right here in the Town. The Name “Teakakez” was simply a playful name we came up with, and it stuck!!

JR Valrey: How do you acquire the comedy talent that performs at your events?

Pamela Taylor: Acquiring the talent for our shows is a combination of being a part of the flourishing underrated comedy community in Northern California. Also attending comedy shows, showcases, open mics, and word of mouth gives us a great pool of comedians to choose from. 

JR Valrey: Can you describe the Moxy where you have the comedy shows at?

Pamela Taylor: The new Moxy Oakland Downtown is perfectly nestled in Oakland’s arts and Entertainment district, it has a welcoming bright and open lobby, complete with welcoming center and fabulous bar. The Moxy design details pay homage to the neighborhood’s art deco theaters in an edgy and modern way. Moxy Oakland features smartly designed comfortable guest rooms with relaxing features. 42′ inch flat screen TV, Walk-in Showers, the rooms offer comfortable queen and king beds and city views. This is a perfect location for a Teacakez Comedy Lounge Experience!!

JR Valrey: How do you define a good comedian?

Pamela Taylor: It starts with a good reputation, comedic performance, as well as personal character, good comedic timing, self-awareness, and being able to read his/her crowd. They have to have the ability to change the atmosphere in a room. We understand that laughter is universal, and everybody’s version of humor is different, so we try to provide a taste of laughter for everyone’s unique pallet.

JR Valrey: When is your next show? Who are you featuring?

Pamela Taylor: Our next Teakakez Comedy Lounge “TownBiz Tuesday” will be Tuesday January 4, 2022 at the Moxy Oakland featuring Oakland’s finest, Mario Hodge, as seen on Comedy Central’s “Hart of the City”, and who currently tours with comedian Faizon Love, also we will feature Jay Rich who was Tommy T’s $10,000 contest winner and a finalist on Shaq’s All-stars Comedy Competition, and lastly featuring Jerry Law, who is the hardest hustlin comedian from Oakland. He has opened for some of the most sought after comedians in the business such as DC Young Fly and Mike Epps.

Closing out the comedy show we have the Foreign Family Millionaires featuring the brother and sister duo Foreign Glizzy and Ray Bans, who have YouTube videos with well over a million streams, they both have a huge IG following totaling over 84k. Both brother and sister have been featured in numerous magazine articles. You can find and follow the Foreign Family on IG and FB, and visit their local Foreign Family Clothing Stores in 2 Bay Area locations: Solano Fairfield Mall and Emeryville on Bay Street.

JR Valrey: What can you tell us about the local comedy scene?

Pamela Taylor: Our Nor Cal comedy scene is definitely flourishing, but it is vastly underrated. A lot of people are sleeping on the Bay Area, Teakakez Comedy is trying to change that narrative, one show at a time. The Bay Area is no stranger to the independent hustle, and some of the most innovative and influential comedians are from here such as the bad girl of comedy “Luenell”, “Hanging with Mr. Cooper” himself, Mark Curry, The original Queen of Comedy “Miss Laura Hayes” and the late great “Paul Mooney”. Teakakez Comedy has taken notice, and we pride ourselves in highlighting all of our Bay Area comedians, and we also created a signature Teakakez Comedy T-Shirt “We got your B.A.C” with a play on words. WE GOT YOUR B.A.C”, Bay Area Comedy. This shirt pays homage to all of our homegrown talent past, present, and future.

JR Valrey: How do you want people to feel after going to one of your shows?

Pamela Taylor: We want people who attend our comedy shows to feel as if they didn’t just attend a comedy show. We want them to have a “Teakakez Experience”, and what we mean by that, is from the moment they walk through the doors, everything is on point: the hospitality, the ambiance, the mood, the music provided by DJ Lexlevel, the food, the drinks, the smell in the air, the entertainment, and the hosting by, Ya Playa Patna GBiz, from the Sana G Morning Show on 106.1 KMEL. But speaking especially about the comedy. We want them to leave feeling as if they can’t wait for the next show!!

JR Valrey: How could people get tickets? How can people stay online with you?

Pamela Taylor: Tickets for “Townbiz Tuesday”, Tuesday January 4, 2022 can be purchased on Eventbrite at: 


You can follow us on IG: @teakakez_comedy and on FB: Teakakez Comedy

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  1. Thank you so much for this Brother. This Acknowledgement is far more than just an article, it’s a beautiful thing coming together celebrating one another thank you for this greatly appreciated bro

    DeeJay Stokes ✊🏽👑

  2. I am very excited about this for the BAYAREA comics they are getting better and stronger. So proud of Teakakez for stepping out on faith 🙌 👏 🙏 ❤

  3. I LOVE seeing this dream come true.. WE are FAR from where we want to be but we are making baby steps. Thanks you JR for such a great article and for allowing us to see this dream in print. I’m Excited for what is ahead for Teakakez Comedy…”STAY TUNED”

  4. Pam & DeeJay…can you name a better duo! NO 😊

    Looking forward to see all the things Teakakez has coming in 2022!

    Congratulations on the BNWM scoop!

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