Let’s Talk About How Organ Traffickers Target Black People

By Xion Abiodun

Let’s talk about organ harvesting, and how organ harvesters specifically target Black people. For those who don’t know, according to Wikipedia organ harvesting is a surgical procedure that removes organs or tissues for reuse, typically for  organ transplantation. The problem with this though is that since organs are in such high demand, and can be sold for lots of money, many times people are getting their organs taken without their consent. Another major problem is that these non-consensual surgical procedures are happening to Black people at a higher rate. 

Something major that they don’t teach you in school is that the more melanin you have (the darker you are), the better your organs work which also means the more melanin you have, the more valuable your organs are. Recently, the death of Jalani Day (may he rest in peace) has been the talk of social media, because allegedly his body was found without some organs. Well, his mother came on social media and said that was not the case, but this seems to be the case when it comes to the tragic death of Kendrick Johnson. His death is an example of organ traffickers, specifically targeting Black people. 

In 2013 in Valdosta, Georgia, 17 year old Kendrick Johnson was killed. His body was found rolled up in a mat, upside down in his school’s gym. At first local law enforcement tried to rule it as an accident, but then the family requested a second autopsy and got it. Everything changed. The autopsy revealed that some of his organs were missing, and his body was stuffed with paper. The two main suspects of the case are the Bell brothers, who are the white sons of a former FBI agent. Originally the case was closed, due to local law enforcement claiming lack of evidence. It has been eight years since Kendrick’s death, and no one has been indicted for his murder. This year the case was reopened but there has been no updates about it yet. If you want to look more into this case, you can watch the “Finding Kendrick Johnson” documentary on google play.

Now what leads me to believe that this was murder, as well as organ harvesting, is that his organs were missing, and the murderers tried to cover it up with stuffing paper in his body! Why would anybody take the time to murder somebody, cut up the body, remove organs, and fill it with paper if organ harvesting was not involved? The 2017 movie “Get Out” also showcases organ traffickers targeting Black people, for their organs. 

In the movie the Black boyfriend (Chris) goes with his white girlfriend (Rose) to meet her family on their property, in the middle of nowhere. The members of her family specialize in martial arts, neurosurgery, and hypnosis. Long story short, they would use Rose to lure Black people on their property, to get their organs. Her brother would attack them, then the mom would hypnotize them, and then the dad would perform surgery on them to get their organs. The movie was very popular and had millions of people talking about it, but what people weren’t talking about is the fact that the movie was based on real life events. 

When we hear about organ harvesting we always hear about other countries doing it, but never hear about the cases in the U.S. It’s not mainstream news and will most likely never be out here, because the victims are not white. This is not to scare anybody, it’s to spread awareness, and a reminder that no matter what , if you’re Black you can never get too comfortable. 


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