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4 thoughts on “Conscious Ghanaian Media Mogul Kobby King Talks About the Future of the Nation’s Music Industry and Media Landscape

  1. Very good and interesting interview.

    Great job JR Valrey.

    I appreciate and thank Bro. Kobby King for doing the research study on the African Americans on how we ended up in America.
    I also appreciate the work that he describe he is doing bridging the gap between the African continentals and the African diaspora all over the world.

    To me, this is a very important work because, it helps bring about an understanding and creating one mind, unifying solidarity between two Africans groups, strengthening the spiritual Bond that we naturally have between us and creating a strong, thriving, conscience United States Of Africa which secures our future on this planet Earth

    Again,,,,Great Job JR Valrey, I appreciate the work that you are doing. See You Soon.
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Very well said. I enjoyed the information given. It brings truth to life and provides full understanding of culture within music. I have listened to Kobby King several times before and he is always informative with knowledge. Thank you for bringing truth and clarity something that should be provided in our schools, but suppression is always on the attack.

  3. Love the interview, would love to see more and more African brothers and sisters really understand the woes of Black Americans and what we’re still facing today. Keep up the positive work both of you!

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