The American Medical Association Wants to Remove Sex From Pubic Birth Certificates 

By Xion Abiodun

The American Medical Association wants to remove sex/gender from public birth certificates. AMA (American Medical association) LBGTQ committee says that marking a person’s gender on their birth certificate would encourage marginalization. “Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates,” the American Medical Association stated on Monday. They also argued that, “Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records.” Even if this does become a thing, people’s sex at birth will still be submitted to the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth for medical, public health, and statistical use only.  

Well as you can imagine, AMA has definitely faced some backlash for this statement. A lot of people called the idea ridiculous, and said that the medical institution committee are losing their minds. As someone who grew up in a diverse environment, I can understand the opinions of both sides. Before I explain my opinion I would like to say I am an ally to the LGBTQ community, but overall I think we should keep gender on birth certificates. 

As a young Black woman in America, I can understand why it seems ridiculous to remove gender off of birth certificates to some. When you are Black in America, or really in the world, you already have your race assigned to you from birth. That’s the first thing people are always going to see when they look at me, and every other Black person. And when you’re Black or really any person of color, then you know that race is the most important label, regardless of gender. If AMA is really worried about discrimination then the label race should be removed as well, that’s the label that’s been causing the most discrimination for hundreds of years.

Also, a lot of medicines and their side effects have to  do with one’s biological gender, so that’s another reason to keep gender on people’s birth certificates. Regardless of people’s pronouns their biological sex does play a huge part in their medical life. It seems as if AMA is not looking at the long term effects of this. What happens 20 years from now when people are sick because they’re trans and didn’t let their doctor or local pharmacy know their biological sex, and was taking medicine that was harmful to it? That is likely to be a future epidemic if people’s biological sex gets removed from their birth certificate. What’s your opinion on this? Comment your thoughts below.

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