Being a High School Senior During the Covid Pandemic

By Xion Abiodun

In the middle of March, of last year, the whole country came to a pause due to Covid. The graduates of 2020 got to complete a little more than half of their senior year, but the graduates of 2021 didn’t, and most likely will not get to experience any of their senior year, in person. There are pros and cons to this. The con is that everybody wants to, and should experience graduating from grade school, especially if they did not have an easy time getting through it. 

“Senior year online has its many ups and downs, due to the fact that I lost out on many senior opportunities and trips. Also, it’s been a little difficult to communicate with our teachers, or to know how and when to do or turn certain things in, for colleges,” said Iyanna Miller. Applying to college online has been so stressful. At my school we used to have a college resource center that students can go to to get help when it came to applying for college, but now we don’t have anywhere to go, and most parents are not tech savvy. So it is a stressful situation for everyone. 

Graduating is definitely a big deal for me, since getting through school was not easy. Virtual graduation seems very absurd and insulting to me. I have been doing all this work for years, just to get congratulations through a computer screen. That just makes me very upset. The pandemic has also changed my plans for after high school. I planned to go out of state to a university, but I refuse to pay that much money to not have the genuine college experience. Academically for me, this year has been terrible. My grades have been good, but it seems like all my hard work and plans were ruined, due to this pandemic. 

Procrastination really is a huge problem with virtual learning, everything feels so optional but yet everything is still mandatory. “With being online it makes me procrastinate, and makes me really comfortable with being at home, so I tend to sleep during most of my classes. A good thing is that I am at home, so I do get to self reflect, and it helps me mental health wise,” says Jedah Simone.

“Senior year is stressful but when you are at home with your family it’s a lot of support. I am disappointed about not being able to experience prom, everyone who has been a senior, talks about that memory. Honestly it sucks, that we won’t be able to have that memory,” says Jedah. Growing up, I used to always look forward to prom. I did not go to my junior year prom, because I skipped that grade and my senior year prom was cancelled, due to the pandemic.

I am disappointed that I will be missing out on the senior activities such as senior sunrise, prom, senior trip, and graduation. For my whole high school career I did not go to any games, or school events. I figured I would just save all those activities for senior year, but now I will never have that experience. At least the seniors last year got to experience a majority of their senior activities. We are the first graduating class that will not get to experience anything. Even though I am disappointed that I will not have the senior experience, this year has opened me up to other opportunities. This year is paraphrased by the famous quote, “When one door closes, another door opens”. Instead of focusing on all that is negative, I make sure to look at the positive things also, sometimes it just gets hard to recognize the positive things. 




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