East Oakland’s No Vultures Podcast Documents the History of Bay Area Hip Hop and More

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By JR Valrey, The People’s Minister of Information

No Vultures Podcast, is where Oakland specifically, and people from the Bay, go to get valid Bay Area history. Much like his older cousin, Sway in the Morning, Lord Rab, the host of No Vultures and founder, is to the slums and the ghetto what Sway is to mainstream and white listeners; a Hip Hop elder statesmen. No Vultures is popular because Lord Rab isn’t scared to ask the hard questions of his subjects. I have seen everybody from Keak Da Sneak, to Mac Mall, to Big Rich to the Mekanix in the No Vultures guest seat. I’ve known Lord Rab for over ⅔ of my life, with his family living two blocks from our family’s house in East Oakland, and he has always been a stand-up dude, with a good head on his shoulders. While the brain-dead run to Vlad, a white podcaster with no allegiance to Black culture or politics, to do interviews, reputable Bay Area bigwigs go to No Vultures, because we know it is important in the long-run to document and own our own history. We also know we would be bogus if we allowed vultures to eat off of our culture without reciprocity. So check out Lord Rab as he talks to the Black New World Media about his home-grown Bay Area Hip Hop platform, the legendary No Vultures Podcast. 

The Minister of Info JR: Where did the concept for the “No Vultures” podcast come from?

Lord Rab: The concept of NO VULTURES PODCAST comes from me observing people that are from outside the culture making moves inside the culture for their personal gain. Usually those people would promote rap beef or drama as a way to boost their platforms and financial gain to help their kids through private schools while the people who suffer from that exploitation kids attend funerals and prison visiting rooms.

The Minister of Info JR: Where did you get the name and what does it mean? Why is that important to represent for?

Lord Rab: The name comes from the term “Culture Vultures” who I was talking about in the previous question. So I decided to call my podcast “NO VULTURES”, as a way to say this podcast is anti “Culture Vultures”. The term itself is a term I and many others credit the great Dame Dash, for coining, as he fought the good fight against the machine.

The Minister of Information JR: Why is it important for you to focus on Bay Area Hip Hop culture with your podcast? What does Bay Area Hip Hop culture mean to you?

Lord Rab: It’s important to focus on Bay Area Hip Hop for one because it’s where I’m from and I gotta represent but more importantly we have a lot of rich Hip Hop History and culture. There are so many trends and fads we created that we don’t get credit for. Bay Area Hip Hop for me is the perfect blend of sound and lyricism. However I’m not solely focused on Bay Area culture. I plan on being well rounded enough as a journalist and culture curator that my reach will go well beyond The Bay.

The Minister of Information JR: Who were some of the artists that you grew up on? How has Bay Area Hip Hop changed?

Lord Rab: I grew up on everything you can think of East Coast, West Coast and The South.” Bay Area Hip Hop changed over all with just not being as original but truthfully anybody from any region would probably say the same thing”

The Minister of Information JR: What do you think needs to be done to bring local Bay Area Hip Hop back to prominence, on a soundscape where Chicago and Detroit have the title?

Lord Rab: Originality and quality. We gotta get back to that, we started to mimic other regions and follow others leads instead of doing what we always have done and be ahead and innovate.

The Minister of Information JR: What’s next for the “No Vultures” brand?

Lord Rab: More content, more shows of a different variety, from sneakers to politics NO VULTURES is that thing in my brain I was able to create but it’s the people’s platform.

The Minister of Information JR: How is our brother Clee, your co-host, doing behind enemy lines? Shout out to him.

Lord Rab: He was great, unfortunately he just went to the hole so we’ll see the outcome of that you know how they play.

The Minister of Information JR: What do you think is behind the climb in the murder rate this year in Oakland California, be it that your studio is on the infamous East 14th/International strip in East Oakland?

Lord Rab: Influence bruh! Straight up! Either we don’t have the right influence which is supposed to be the O.G.’s, or rap and entertainment is playing out in real life on the streets,East Oakland’s  on top of all the other shit we’ve been going through.

The Minister of Information JR: What makes “No Vultures” unique in an ocean of Hip Hop podcast?

Lord Rab: Actually knowing the culture. From history to politics and all entertainment we have our hands on the pulse of the culture. Guests come on and say that our interviews are therapeutic.

The Minister of Information JR: How often do you drop episodes? Who were some of the biggest names that you have interviewed?

Lord Rab: We have been dropping episodes everyday as of lately. We’ve had some pretty big names like Markuun Smith, the actor and producer from the hit show “Godfather of Harlem”, starring Forest Whittaker, Freeway Ricky Ross, Darry “Lil D” Reed, Philthy Rich, Money B, and the list goes on. We’re on like episode 60.

The Minister of Information JR: How can people keep up with you and the show? 

Lord Rab: On social media everything Lord Rab or NO VULTURES and you’ll find me representing for the people and the culture.

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