Meet Howard Tate: An Upcoming 16 Year Old Oakland Producer

By Xion Abiodun

Howard Tate is a 16 year old from Oakland California. Howard is no ordinary 16 year old; in just the two short years of his producing career, he has worked with many artists and produced over a hundred beats. Howard has also won the producer beat battle as a wild card, and will now be attending the Thizzler Cypher in 2020. Not only does he produce but he also does graphic design, and cover art. 

Xion: What do you do? 

Howard: I am a composer, I pretty much orchestrate several instruments that turn into what we call a beat. I am a film editor, a DJ, graphic designer, and fashion designer. 

Xion: What artists have you worked with so far?

Howard: I have worked with Daboii from SOBXRBE, Coldgame, Fredobagz, Cash click Boog, and Rock n Rolla, and Baby J.

Xion: How old were you when you first started producing?

Howard: I was 12 when I started playing around with it. I didn’t really take it seriously, until I was like 14-15.

Xion: What made you start producing? 

Howard: The thing that really got me into producing was my keyboard. I had a friend who gave me a keyboard and told me “it would be useful one day”.

Xion: Which career do you see yourself with in the future? 

Howard: I don’t really see myself doing one thing. I call myself a massive entrepreneur. I have all these different skills and I am putting it all together. 

Xion: What genre of music do you make beats for? 

Howard: I make beats for usually hip hop and R&B, it can change though. Those are just the main two genres I make beats for. 

Xion: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

Howard: Yes I do, me and Herbmadethisbeat are making an E.P. with Fredo. Me and Herb also have an E.P. coming out with Toodahband$. I am planning on releasing Venin (my fashion company) by next summer.

Xion: Has quarantine made you more successful or less? How?

Howard: Quarantine has made me more successful, it’s made me take time and perfect my craft.

Xion: What artists do you want to work with in the future?

Howard: I definitely want to work with Tyga, Rio Da Yung OG, and Pierre Bourne.

Xion: Who is your favorite producer and what makes them your favorite?

Howard: Right now my favorite producer is Pierre because he makes his beats but he also raps/sings on it at the same time. He shows that you can do more than one thing and still be successful. 

This is only the beginning of his career and he has already completed so much. Howard will definitely be going places in life as an entrepreneur. To check out Howards work you can visit his instagram @nappyizlikedat. You can also get in contact with him for beats, graphic design, or anything else. 

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  1. So very proud of our young people trying to stay focused in this unprecedented time keep up the good work we’re all rooting for you guys#America’s future

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