Made of Stone: an interview with the Oakland Hip Hop and Cannabis Mogul Sean “Stone” Ramsey

By The Minister of Information JR

Sean “Stone” Ramsey since landing back home, from a trek behind enemy lines, has turned into an entrepreneurial beast: having authored 3 street lit books and a children’s book, completed the Blunk Funk 2 Compilation, became the COO of All Bay Music Magazine, started the Blunt Funk merchandise line, and created a cannabis strain. Stone has been able to accomplish, in a few years what most independent Hip Hop entrepreneurs have not accomplished in a career. While people compare themselves to moguls from other areas like J. Prince, Russel Simmons, Rza, and Diddy, the same aggressive business acumen and talent that those individuals embody, exists on the Bay Area Hip Hop landscape, currently. Stone is one of the Hip Hop indie elite in the area, that has been pushing the local scene towards the national and international prominence that it once enjoyed, so it is only right to hear him out on what his hard work has accomplished. 

M.O.I. JR: You recently dropped International Blunt Funk 2, many years after dropping Blunt Funk 1, what made you want to create another compilation?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: I was still creating IBF2, behind the walls. I mean Blunt Funk is a lifestyle. It never stopped for me. Anything that isn’t growing is truly dead, and I’m always tryna last, but not come in last. 

M.O.I. JR: How did you pick the artists that are on Blunt Funk 2? Who are some of them?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: I picked the ones I personally vibe with. Artists Like; Lil Bug & T-baby Jaylee, I met in Knoxville,Tennessee. Keak da Sneak; I have a long-standing rapport with. Db tha General, I basically discovered. Big Vedo, Lil Rue, Bruce Banna, Mazerati Ricky, and Shady Nate, I really fuck with these dudes, while others on the album, I respect their body of work immensely.

M.O.I. JR: I saw that you recently came out with backpacks and hoodies with the Blunt Funk logo, what is the importance of expanding what products your company offers?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: The Blunt Funk logo, has always been eye candy for hip hop fans. For some reason people of all hues are drawn to it. Right now, I’ve literally sold every piece I created. It’s humbling and an honor to still be relevant since the 90’s. I have backpacks, hoodies, socks, masks, cups, lighters, and a variety of other exclusive products. 

M.O.I. JR: Can you tell us a little bit about the magazine that you manage? What is the story with how you got hooked with that?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: ALLBAYMUSICMAG, was founded by my colleague; Ian Jackson. I was offered the COO position in 2016. Since then we’ve doubled our Youtube subscribers to 55k & we’re the number 1 music magazine in the Bay Area & growing…  Ian and I met at The Luniz video shoot in 2015 and we just clicked. One day, he asked me to write a story for him and things just organically evolved from there. 

M.O.I. JR: Can you tell us about your new strain that you just dropped? What is it mixed with? 

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: My new strain is based off the album and the history of Blunt Funk. It’s a trip cuz, I used to get chased down by anti-nigga machines, aka police, for selling weed on Seminary. Now the shit is legal! Of course, for “Lil Johnny,” aka the “white privileged”, got to open up their cannabis club right across the street from the very same police station that they would hold me for ransom, in. But yeah, wow my brand is essentially, “The music and strain that changed the game.” My baggies come with QR codes and you can scan it with your phone and the “Prescriptions” video, featuring Keak da Sneak & Agerman pops up. I call it my technical ode to Nipsey Hussle. My strain is a gelato and runtz infused, load pack! The music and the strain, definitely changes your head game. 

M.O.I. JR: What is your goal in the cannabis game?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: To open up doors for my friends, family, and loved ones… To create generational wealth by such. I want to teach those that come after me how to grow your own gold, to become alchemists (turn nothing into something). I want to teach entrepreneurship, and the importance of owning your own time. Moreover, cats like Berner with the Cookies brand and strain that has set a precedent for a unique business paradigm, that’s advantageous to our diverse culture in the Bay Area. I aim to conquer similar heights. 

M.O.I. JR: Do you see Bay Area Hip Hop making a comeback in the minds of our young people, considering that our youth are listening to music from Chicago, Detroit, and Louisiana? What has to happen?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: Unfortunately, the advent of the world wide web/social media has literally deconstructed the way we see things in the world. People live their lives on their phones, so their communication patterns are based on what they see on social media; not so much as what’s around them. Right now, Drill Music, (is music that fuels an inner demon for a kill). It logs, keeps score, mocks dead bodies and dead homies. It’s battle rap, where you kill your (opp), nemesis to promote your brand.

It’s devilishly popular. Hopefully it will fade out. In the meantime, we gotta change the narrative and make entrepreneurship swaggy. Most people don’t know that the root word for economics: is ekos, Greek for, “He who runs the household.” If you don’t have your economics right, you can’t run your household. I was just telling a friend the other day, that some dudes will go through their entire lifetimes, without ever seeing a male dominated household. We must teach our young Kings that, “gang banging is a bankrupt institution.” Yeah, we can make a comeback. We are the Mecca of Black intelligence in Northern California. Water will find its level. Yet, it will take a true Bay artist to think outside the box/block. 

M.O.I. JR: How has your stint behind enemy lines, empowered you as a businessman today? 

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: In prison I learned to have the patience of a spider.

M.O.I. JR: Internally what makes you an activist? Why do you feel the need to speak up for those without a voice?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: I’m a revolutionary, I’m always active. There is no ending. The beginning can happen at any time. I met some beautiful brothers/comrades behind enemy lines, many of whom breathed fire on me, to help me refine my raison d’être. I return the gesture to my community via deeds & actions. 

M.O.I. JR: What’s next for you? 

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: I don’t know. Whatever God, compels me to do. I’m just the whistle he blows through. Nevertheless, being able to wake up every morning and choose my destiny and destinations is empowering. Like today, I might wanna direct a movie, tomorrow I might wanna record an album, shiiit… next week I can be on my poetry …. as I have the equipment and skill set to do so seamlessly. 

M.O.I. JR: How could people stay in touch with you?

Sean “Stone” Ramsey: FB Author Stone Ramsey 

IG: Ramseyentertertainment


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