Equipto and Doggtown Dro Drop Their Sentiments on the Police, With the Song “Fvck Twelv”

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By JR Valrey

Legendary activist and rapper Equipto, formerly from the classic San Francisco rap group Bored Stiff, has just released a political banger with a homegrown rhyme hero named Doggtown Dro, called Fvck Twelv. With the election of the former San Francisco District Attorney and the former California Attorney General Kamala Harris to Vice President of the United States, mid 2020 had people wanting to eliminate the police after the the murder of Floyd George in May, to wanting to defund the police after the democrats watered down the solution, to empowering the police, with the popular support that was thrown behind Kamala Harris and the Biden election train. The corporate media, and specifically our televisions are mind control mechanisms, that have allowed the corporations and governments to input thoughts in our heads, without us knowing we are being manipulated. Independent Hiphop has always been an avenue that has allowed the ‘hood to fight back and speak freely, and Equipto and Doggtown Dro, are in the process of using the weapon of music correctly against the matrix’s first line of defense, the police. 

Run the numbers up on social media, and go purchase this political artwork at its finest. Here’s a few words from Equipto on the political nature and history of the song, “Fvck Twelv”. 

JR Valrey: What made you come up with the concept for you and Doggtown Dro’s song “Fvck Twelv”?

Equipto: I didn’t come with the concept. Doggtown Dro came with it. He’s been out here doing his thing on the front lines, and told me that we should do a track together, directed at the police. I was with it. 

JR Valrey: Where does the slang word for police, “12” come from? And what does it mean?

Equipto: I heard from a few people that it came from Atlanta. I’m not sure of the direct origin, as far as the number 12 being involved, but it’s what a lot of the youth today are calling the police, cops, officers, pigs, etc; so it’s “fvck 12”. Whatever label the police have, it’s fvckem. 

JR Valrey: What is the role of the political artist in times of political turmoil?

Equipto: I almost think any artist, political or not, has to make a true stand for what they believe in, not just speak it, but live it everyday. There’s too much turmoil going on in this society for artists to be quiet. The least they can do is a verse or a song. I think the political artist should engage with their community; organize with local radical organizations, covertly, find ways to be involved, instead of just a charitable donation or whatnot. Folks need to learn from older organizers how to properly use your platform for the movement. Be in touch with the youth & always have ears on the street. Be selfless and try to stay away from individualism. 

JR Valrey: What have you been doing artistically since covid?

Equipto: I’ve been doing a lot of writing. Myself and my comrade Max, finished writing a short movie that we’re about to start filming soon called “See You Tomorrow”. I’m working on a memoir book. I have multiple projects I’ve been touching up here & there to release soon. Our crew, Bored Stiff has a documentary that we’ve been working on with Dregs One, that’s almost done as well.  The COVID/SIP gave me some time to catch up to myself. 

JR Valrey: Are you creating an album that will include this song?

Equipto: Not sure yet. We just really wanted this song and video to hit at this election time, so we did what we could to meet the deadline. Perfect timing if you ask me. 

JR Valrey: What made you hook up with Doggtown Dro for this?

Equipto: Dro and I started the F12 team, together. He came with the logo and symbols. We came together on some ftp organizing energy, and started recruiting. We were doing movement work before we even thought of doing a song together. So the song just came natural to us, as we were building with each other. Our so called politics, on the pigs, aligned and we decided to make it happen. 

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