2020 Election Day From A Young Teenage Black Woman’s Perspective

By Xion Abiodun

This has been the longest election of my life. As well as the most controversial election. Many people are pro Biden, because they believe he’s the better option. Then you have your people, who are for Trump, because he is not Biden. I am for neither one, they are both awful. What people need to realize that it is not Democrats vs Republicans, it is the system vs the people. 

Over these past few weeks, I have been seeing people shame non-voters, as well as people who vote for Trump. People seem to think if you vote for Trump you are a racist, but if you vote for Biden, you are for the people. I have received backlash for voicing my opinion on the two opponents, which is that they are the same. Biden may be a better option if you are a WHITE woman or someone White and a part of the  LGBTQ+ community. As a young Black woman though, he is not the better option for me.

In 1994, Biden signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This bill led to mass incarceration of Black men. Now a lot of people have tried to defend this bill by saying “It was the early 90’s. Crack was an epidemic”. 

But if it was so much about crack and cocaine, then why was there a mass incarceration of just Black men, Black people only make up 13% of the population. Also the plants that produce crack and cocaine, does not grow in America, so where were the Black men getting this product from? Personally I do not know anyone Black, who owns an airline company, so Black people should not have been the largest population to go to jail. 

The Democratic party is seen as the most progressive party, and many Black people identify with that party. What most people do not know though is that the Democratic party was against abolishing slavery. Not only that, the Democratic party and Republican party are both different wings of the same bird.

Personally I have ran into two people that were proven innocent but Kamala Harris continued to keep them in prison for no good reason; Antoine “Soda Pop” Goff and Jamal Trulove, both from San Francisco. 

In 2011, Kamala Harris enforced the truancy law. This law makes California parents pay a fine or even face jail time if their child is truant. A truant student is a student that misses 30+ minutes of class more than three days. This may seem like a good thing but this is a huge problem for communities of color. Growing up I was a very sickly child, so I missed a lot of school. Even with my doctors notes, I was still considered truant. My family was directly impacted by this law. 

Not to mention in most low-income communities people can not afford care takers. I have had many friends that had to miss school, in order to take care of their younger siblings, or grandparents. I have also had friends that even had to stop going to school, to help financially support their families. This law is very problematic and directly impacts communities of color. If you are pro-Biden and Harris, and shame others because they are not pro-Biden, then remember this article.

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