Samsalt Seasoning Owner Isis Fields Talks About The Family Business

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By Xion Abiodun

As 2020 goes on, more and more Black people are starting to see the importance of buying from businesses, within your community. A new Black owned seasoning has been on the rise. Not only is it a seasoning, but it is a seasoning salt, and adds multiple flavors to your dinner. Meet Isis Fields, the owner of Samsalt Seasoning. 

Xion Abiodun: What is your seasoning called and what is the flavor of it?

Isis Fields: The seasoning is called Samsalt seasoning. It is a seasoning salt.

Xion Abiodun: When did you decide to release your seasoning to the public?

Isis Fields: I decided to release the seasoning to the public in the beginning of the pandemic. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. I am the third generation to relaunch the seasoning. My grandmother started it in the 1970’s. My dad had continued the business, because it was very popular among family and friends. So I was inspired to relaunch it, but to the general public this time. My grandma did not put the seasoning into stores, she would make it by request for her friends and family. When my dad took it over, he released it to Farmer Joes. 

Xion Abiodun: What is the original story behind Samsalt?

Isis Fields: My grandma saw an old recipe article in the SF Chronicle that inspired her to make the seasoning. It served as her base, and then from there she mixed in the ingredients she wanted. 

Xion Abiodun: In your opinion what type of food does Samsalt taste best on?

Isis Fields: In my opinion I really enjoy having SamSalt in veggie stir frys, it also tastes really good on baked fish. It tastes good with a salad with lemon. The other day I had it on some watermelon. It’s a really versatile seasoning and it can even go on pop corn. You can also put it on meat rubs. 

Xion Abiodun: How much is Samsalt and where can we purchase it from? 

Isis Fields: My website is Currently I have previously been at the Lakeshore farmers market. I am usually there from 9:00-2:00, the packs go for $5.My instagram @Samsalt510ak has a link in the bio where customers can place an order. Those prices online are a little bit more because of shipping. 

Xion Abiodun: What does it taste like?

Isis Fields: I heard it tastes similar to Lawrys. It’s an all purpose seasoning, it has a lot of curry powder and paprika. 

Xion Abiodun: Is it a family business or is it like a direct family line business?

Isis Fields: It was my grandma’s seasoning, then my dads. So it’s like they passed the family torch down to me. During quarantine I really took the time to coordinate and really put the seasoning out there. It’s been really nice being outside and setting up a table, being in public, and just networking.

Xion Abiodun: Was this something that happened because of quarantine or did you know you were always going to do this?

Isis Fields: I always knew I was going to start doing this. Before quarantine I was in San Francisco in City Hall learning about business, like how to get my business license, and getting my vending license. I was really eager to start this process and my grandma was right here with me. I got a better understanding of what it is to run a business. I find fun in doing this, because I really enjoy cooking. Cooking is one of the things my granny and I have in common. When I was kid, I was really inspired by her because she would always cook some of the best meals like gumbo. I also saw the influence within her family and friends, because of the seasoning salt. So I wanted to generate that for myself, as well as for my community, and I knew I would have the support from my dad and my grandma. 


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